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Winter wedding ideas and inspiration from wedding professionals

When it comes to planning a wedding, theres a lot to think about. Even more so when it comes to planning a winter wedding. Living in the UK means that our weather is unpredictable year round, but winter brings with it increased chances of rain, wind and snow. It also brings the cold. Even if you get a perfect, sunny winters day it is going to be cold. So what can you do to try and make your winter wedding unique and enjoyable for your wedding guests?

We have included below some winter wedding inspiration and ideas taken from real winter weddings that we have photographed. There’ll be a mix ideas covering everything from decor to colour schemes and fashion. If there is anything in particular that you are struggling with, please post a comment at the end of the post and we’ll see what we can do to help. We have a vast amount of experience shooting winter weddings in all weathers, so we may just be able to help!

We hope you enjoy some of these real wedding ideas.

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When it’s cold outside, what about a stunning sequin coverup to go over your dress? Beautiful, elegant and practical. Also easily removable for when you want a different look come the evening!

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How about sparklers to liven things up and get everyone outside for a bit? Often you can be cooped up inside for most of the day at a winter wedding. Sparklers can be great for helping to get everyone excited about popping out for some fresh air. They also look really pretty too!

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Yep, winter is unpredictable. You can be prepared though. If you still want to make the most of your day, come equipped with an umbrella or two and head outside for a minute or two regardless. It’ll provide some much needed time away together, but you’ll still get the outdoorsy photos you dreamt of. Grooms also take note: Tweed suits. Very cosy and so fitting for a winter wedding!

mr and mrs wedding game

There are plenty of games that you can play indoors to keep yourselves and your guests entertained. This couple opted to play a game of Mr & Mrs, for example.

wedding canapes

When it’s cold outside, everyone wants something warm and filling to eat. Warm canapés are great to keep guests fed and happy before your main meal.

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Make use of the early sunsets. There’s no time better than winter for gloomy skies. But if you’re fortunate enough to also have a splash of colour, you’d be bonkers to miss it.

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And if you can’t go outdoors? Stay indoors! There are loads of amazing and unique photographs that you can capture inside. Even something as simple as a silhouette in the doorway looks striking and unique. Pick a photographer who is well experienced shooting winter weddings and you wont go far wrong. A creative wedding photographer will make the most of any location and any situation.

wedding photographers essex Sam and Louise photography

Another groom favourite for winter: A Tux. Classic, sophisticated and timeless.

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And ladies? Sequins can be stunning. Teamed with faux fur shrugs, you’ll look amazingly glamorous and very snug too.

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Is there anything more Christmassy and wintery that reds and burgundies? I don’t think so.

The Asylum wedding London, Kachette The Asylum wedding London, Kachette

More indoor wedding entertainment ideas. How about an indoor casino? These mobile casinos are great fun and can literally keep guests entertained all night. If you aren’t really a party crowd, or you’re just looking to cater for those who don’t like dancing, then these are a great alternative.

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Fairy lights make everything seem that bit more cosy. Can you go wrong with a fairy light? Probably not!

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these ideas for winter weddings. Hopefully you have found some inspiration. You can let us know what you thought of the ideas above if you’d like. Alternatively, check out more of our work on our website. You can also find us on social media.

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