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What do wedding photographers do in winter? Spoiler: We don’t hibernate

Wedding photography is a somewhat seasonal pursuit. Although weddings take place throughout the year, for many of us, the majority of wedding bookings take place between May – September. Although the season usually starts in March and tails off through October. But that still leaves 4 months doesn’t it? Does that mean 4 months of doing nothing? What do wedding photographers do in winter and during the months where weddings are (usually) noticeably fewer and further between?

What do wedding photographers do in winter

As much as i’d love to be able to tell you that we curl up in to a ball and hibernate- sadly that’s not the case. What wedding photographers get up to during quieter months varies from business to business. Largely dependant on whether a photographer specialises in weddings, or whether they offer other services too.

Some photographers will use winter as an opportunity to take on other types of work. Family photography and Christmas themed portraits can be fairly popular for example. As can commercial work with many businesses wanting their Christmas stock and events photographed. Its also quite a busy time for wedding fairs and wedding shows. So a lot of time and weekends may be invested in preparing stands, props and marketing materials for such events.

As specialist wedding photographers however, we don’t tend to fill our “out of season” months with other types of work. We do occasionally take on one off commissions, but generally speaking we don’t plan to take on other photography jobs. So what do we do with our time?

Catching up

For us, slower months are all about playing catch up. When you are shooting non stop for several months on the trot, it can be difficult to find the time to keep things like your blog completely up to date. Therefore some of the things we do during these months are:

  • Catching up on editing. The summer usually results in a backlog of weddings in the editing queue so first and foremost, we work through those edits
  • Getting our blog up to date with both wedding content and personal or advice posts.
  • Submitting weddings and other content to third party blogs and magazines
  • Finances. Assessing business and personal finances. Financial projections, budgets etc
  • Getting our accounts up to date and ready for tax returns
  • Updating brochures, pricing lists etc ready for the year ahead. In this case the 2020/2021 season
  • Updating our website to include images from the year gone by and remove old content
  • Making sure our social media accounts are active
  • Preparing for the weddings that we do have- preparing timelines, schedules etc
  • Chatting with new clients, client meetings etc. January & February in particular are a very busy time for new bookings
  • Liaising with other suppliers, supplying them with images
  • Servicing equipment
  • Research and personal development- courses, workshops, researching industry trends, new equipment, upgrades etc
  • Marketing, advertising
  • Networking
  • All the small jobs that we don’t seem to get around to during the year. Anything and everything from finally tightening that screw on the desk chair, to finally putting up thank you cards in the office.

But it’s not all about catching up with work…

Things tend to be so busy once weddings start for the year that we don’t really get to take any time off. It’s really important to us that our clients aren’t left waiting an eternity for replies to emails or for their photographs. So we always tend to prioritise work and very rarely take any time off.

We may take the odd day or half day here or there to take the dogs to the beach for example (and to stop ourselves burning out completely) but we never have a “weekend”. We never take more than a day at a time. This means that come the end of the season we are well and truly ready for a rest. A few more lay ins and a few more spontaneous days out of the house. We’re not really ones for extended breaks. But we definitely do use this time for some time off too.

The above are all part and parcel of running a business and whilst most of the time they are ongoing tasks, there’s definitely more time to dedicate during the winter months. Hopefully this blog gives a better understanding of what wedding photographers do in winter.

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