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We’re moving- please bear with us

If you get in touch with us over the next couple of weeks, please bear with us. We’re moving house later this week and unfortunately this will inevitably mean that we’ll be without internet in our new home for a little while until we can get someone in to install our new connection. We rely quite heavily on our internet connection for most aspects of our day to day work. Replying to emails, updating social media, blogging- the list is endless. So if you notice that we’re posting a little less, or aren’t quite as quick off the mark in getting back to your email enquiries, please be patient. We will endeavour to still get back to you as quickly as we can.

For any urgent enquiries, most of you will have my mobile number, but if you need it please don’t hesitate to get in touch now and ask. Just incase.

In the mean time, we’re up to our necks in cardboard boxes and parcel tape, so again, we aren’t at the computer as much as usual this week. I’m finding that i’m only getting the opportunity to check in and catch up on emails at the start and end of the day. As much as we’d have liked a very relaxed and gradual move, we got out move date with less than a weeks notice, so it’s all systems go!

Thank you so much to everyone that has send good luck and happy move vibes. We massively appreciate all your support and patience. As always, we are just at the other end of an email if you need us! S&L

Be excellent to each other