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2019 Wedding trends. Unique wedding ideas and inspiration

If you’ve just started planning your wedding, you may have started to think about unique ideas that you can incorporate into your day. Like the world of fashion, the wedding industry goes through trends too. Year to year, season to season what’s popular changes. Whilst weddings typically attract more classic looks over all, what is popular at any given time does vary quite noticeably. What colours are popular changes by the season as well as the type and shapes of bridal bouquets. Even types of flower, or as we’re seeing in recent years, foliage, goes in and out of fashion. Our brides for example very rarely opt for classics such as traditional roses for the bulk of their bouquets. Loose foliages and open, large standout blooms like break out dahlias are bang on trend.

2019 wedding trends

So what do we think is going to be popular in 2019? Based on the 2018 wedding season, we noticed several themes emerging. For example, the colour red seems to be making a come back. Most notably deep reds and burgundy’s. For a time more subtle colours and pastels had dominated, but vibrant shades and metallics are popping up more frequently again.

We have also noticed fabric choices are changing. Whilst many brides still favour lace dresses, there’s been an undeniable shift towards silks and satins, for both bride and bridesmaids dresses this year.

It’s not just the ladies making waves though, the lads are upping their suit game considerably. More than ever, non traditional suit colours are a thing and we love it. More bold shades and lots of textures are coming in 2019 for sure.

Other trends we’ve noticed include

More is more!

2018 is the year people decided that you can never have too much of a good thing. If you want one of those vibrant, full confetti photos people dream of, you really do need to provide quite a bit of it. Same goes for fairy lights and even snow! If you want that sense of fullness in photos, you can’t scrimp on the details. More is more when it comes to things like confetti.

wedding in Lincolnshireexcited bride and groom let off pink confetti cannons as part of their wedding gender reveal celebrationsbride and groom hugging against a dark night sky with snow fallingbride and groom standing under a wedding gazebo full of fairy lights for their New years eve wedding at Gaynes park

Suits in non traditional colours

As discussed above, grooms are upping their game and investing in suits that reflect their own style and personality. It’s about time! Textures, colours and well fitted suits are something we’re excited to see more of in 2019 and 2020.

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This has been a trend for the last 2-3 years, but it’s now so common to include your beloved in some way, that it’s now almost a wedding staple. Our one stipulation when we got married was that our venue had to be dog friendly. Plenty of other couples have followed suit and we now see dogs frequently at both weddings and engagement shoots. More dogs please!

two happy smiling pugs dressed as a bride and groom wearing a bow tie and a tutuwedding in Lincolnshirelincolnshire wedding photographerslincolnshire wedding photographersLincolnshire wedding photographer

Being a badass bride – chilled, relaxed, fun.

The whole wedding industry is shifting and becoming more laid back. Bridezillas have been replaced by “bridechillas” and although the terminology is massively cringe, it’s a movement we can get on board with. The number of super chilled, badass brides who go with the flow and aren’t afraid to let their hair down or get their dresses dirty are definitely on the up! It’s more fun when you don’t find yourself stressing about every-little-thing after all.

cool bride wearing sunglasses gets into her wedding car, a classic vintage ford mustanglincolnshire wedding photographers

The colour RED

Guess what’s back, back again. Red is back, it’s a trend….

bride and bridesmaids laugh and joke during group photographsbride and groom in Autumn at Gaynes Parkbride and groom in Autumn at Gaynes Parkwedding in Lincolnshirewedding in Lincolnshirebride and groom on their wedding day posing for photoswedding in Lincolnshire

Loads of foliage

For a long time, bridal bouquets and floral wedding decor had quite a specific look. Often lots of tightly bound flowers and very neatly arranged blooms. Foliage was undeniably the “Robin” of the arrangement, with the flowers being Batman. Now the trend seems to have gone the other way, with foliage stealing the show. Arrangements have become much loser, more green and more bursting with foliage than ever.

 Bride and groom holding handslincolnshire wedding photographerslincolnshire wedding photographersbride and groom in Autumn at Gaynes Parkoutdoor wedding photographers in Lincolnshire

Super long veils

Do we blame Ms Markle for this one, or was it inevitable anyway? For a time, shorter veils were a popular choice, but no longer. This year has been the year of the Cathedral length veil. SO MANY incredible, long sweeping veils. Boy are they hard work, but they do look pretty special.

bride and groom in Autumn at Gaynes Parkwedding in Lincolnshirelincolnshire wedding photographerslincolnshire wedding photographers


Our own wedding in 2015 was all about metallics. 2018 was the year they hit the wedding industry hard and we anticipate that 2019 will be no different. Metallic cakes, decor and dresses were stand out trends emerging this wedding season.

bride and groom in Autumn at Gaynes Parkwedding in Lincolnshirelincolnshire wedding photographerslincolnshire wedding photographerswedding in Lincolnshirelincolnshire wedding photographers

What 2019 wedding trends do you predict will dominate this year, or in 2020? We’d love to hear your thoughts and predictions! You can leave a comment at the end of this post.

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