Bride and groom holding hands

Before you share our photos, please read this (for suppliers)

Bride and groom holding hands

If we’ve worked together recently you may be interested in sharing some of our photographs. We love sharing images with suppliers and we love that we’re in a position where we can potentially help other small businesses grow by providing professional images for them.

It’s nice to be nice. Wedding supplier etiquette.

If you’re interested in sharing our work, we kindly ask that you consider the following first:

  1. If you’d like to use any images we’ve taken, you’ll need to contact us first. This isn’t to be a d*ck. It’s because we retain copyright (legal ownership) of our images and we’d like to make sure that photos are being used by the right people and in the right context. This is to not only to protect how our business is represented online and our couples memories, but it’s also to protect your business too. Scams and fake traders are worryingly common. We don’t want the wrong person passing off your work as their own. When we know who is using our photographs and where it’s a lot easier to spot scammers or instances of image theft.

2. In relation to the above, because we retain copyright for our photographs it is us and only us who can authorise images to be used. All our couples get printing rights for their images- allowing them to obtain their own prints or albums for example. Having printing rights however does not give them the authority to authorise images to be used by a third party. This means that even if a couple send you photos, you do still need to get in touch with us too.

3. If you do contact us first, please also get permission from the couple.

4. If you do get in touch with us and we can’t provide you with images, again, this isn’t to be a d*ck. Please trust that there is a reason why. We usually have a chat with couples at the booking or delivery stage and it’s not uncommon for a couple to request that we do not pass images on to anyone else. Some even ask us for a “do not share” agreement at the point of booking which prevents us from even sharing their photos ourselves, let alone with anyone else.

5. When you do use any images on social media, we would very much appreciate being credited in return for free image use. We can be found on both instagram and Facebook as @samandlouisephotography. Please tag us in the image if possible as it’ll then show in our feed and give your own account more exposure too. If you could please also @ us in the caption or in any stories that would be perfect.

This one is mega important

6. Please, please please do not edit our photographs in any way. We have spent the last decade developing our shooting and post processing style and it is a massive kick in the teeth to see that someones slapped a filter on our work and essentially said that what we’ve delivered isn’t good enough. Our business is totally visual and we get or lose out on bookings based on the look and style of our photos. Every single one of our photos becomes a business card once it’s posted online and it’s selling “us.” So when you adjust it, add text to it, crop it, or otherwise do something to it that is not how we delivered it, you’re misrepresenting our work and our brand. Please don’t do it.

7. In relation to the above, please don’t screenshot images or save them from blogs or social media posts. We intentionally use low resolution files online to help prevent image theft. So when you screenshot, save and re-upload the quality is absolutely dreadful. Again, every one of our photos is essentially our business card, so if you share something that is bad quality, it reflects badly on us.

Not using social media?

8. If you want to do more than just share images on social media you absolutely must let us know beforehand. For example if you want to blog a wedding for your own website, submit images to a magazine, any other third party publication or enter an image in to a competition . The reason for this is that we frequently submit weddings to blogs and magazines such as Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, Wedding Ideas Magazine and more. Some blogs and magazines have exclusivity clauses and we do not want to be in breach of these agreements and potentially lose out on a great (free) marketing opportunity for everyone involved in the wedding.

Wedding venues

9. For larger businesses, such as wedding venues, unfortunately we do not authorise the use of our images at all unless we are a recommended supplier at your venue. This is so we can ensure that the playing field is truly level and that our business relationships are mutually beneficial. We recognise the fact that wedding venues are often much larger businesses than the majority of the sole traders that we work with. Many have dedicated social media managers, advertising and marketing budgets or at the very least a significantly higher turnover.

Therefore we feel that if our work is good enough to show off your venue in it’s best light and help you attract more bookings, then we should also be good enough to recommend to your couples. Venue recommendations are important as venues are usually the first things a couple book. In return, venues who recommend us to their couples benefit from free and unlimited use of photographs from any wedding we shoot at that venue.

If you feel that we’d be a good fit for your venue, we’d love to chat about officially joining your supplier list.

If you don’t feel comfortable recommending us to your couples, but you do still want to use our images, there is a fee of £50 per image or £250 per wedding for larger features. Please contact us to discuss obtaining a useage agreement. Unauthorised use will be invoiced at a flat fee of £250 per wedding, regardless of how many images have been used from each wedding.

If you need to get in touch with us at all or if you have any questions, our email address is and our website is

Be excellent to each other
  1. Well said in a professional manor. The amount of times I have to contact venues over this is increasing. 

    1. Thank you very much Nathan. We have found the same too. With the rise in social media and the ever growing demand for new content we’re increasingly having issues with venues in particular. There are some absolutely fantastic venues out there, but many of the “big boys” (so to speak) have a shocking disrespect, or disregard for copyright law. It’s not as much of a compliment to have your work stolen as they seem to think it is ?