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Wedding day rules to live by.

When you’re planning a wedding sometimes it feels like you need all the help you can get. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone seems to be out to make your life difficult. A lot of the struggles we have during wedding planning can be simply irradiated by learning how to say no. Whether that’s putting your foot down and letting your friend know that they cannot bring that random girl they met last week to your wedding, or whether it’s telling your auntie to butt out because you don’t want 659 group photos, saying no will set you free! So if you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a fool proof way to navigate your way through wedding planning, i’m here to tell you there is. I’m going to share some wedding day rules to live by with you. Ready?

Wedding day rules to live by

There are no rules.

There are no “must’s” or “must nots”. No “Should’s” or “Should not’s”. If you don’t want kids at the wedding, don’t have kids at the wedding. If you want to skip the starter and just have loads of canapés instead, do it. Don’t want a seating plan? Don’t have one. A wedding is whatever you want it to be and ultimately, if you end up married at the end of it all then everything went exactly as it should have. Most people plan to only do it once, so do it right. The right way is your way. Pink dress- why not? Groom in shorts, go on then!

Everyone suffers with family drama and raised eyebrows. The fact is, no matter what you do, someone will have something to say about it. Maybe the food portions were too large for them and maybe that colour of bridesmaid dress isn’t to their taste. Ultimately, whatever it is people get over it. Things that seemed like a massive deal pre-wedding are often long forgotten when it all finally comes together and they see how happy you are. And anyone who cannot put their own pre-conceptions or ideas of what a wedding “should” be aside for the sake of your happiness is probably someone who’s opinions you shouldn’t be worrying about anyway.

Liberate yourself from the burden of rules. Make your own, break them. Whatever you do, make sure it’s for you and make sure it’s what you want. Wedding regrets are real, try not to have any.

Oh and PS: You can never have too much confetti.

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