happy couple celebrating at their wedding

What does a wedding photographer do over Christmas?

2017 is the year that I said things would be different. This year, this Christmas I vowed to switch off the computer and take some well earned time off over the festive period. I had such good intentions. I set up an out of office auto reply, I made plans. I even got as far as switching the out of office auto reply on.

And then you wonderful lot came along with your good news and your wedding plans and your excitement and I couldn’t resist jumping straight back in and sharing in your excitement with you all!

December is usually a pretty quiet month for us in terms of enquiries. November and December tends to be slower than other months for wedding planning because we all have Christmas to focus on. Most couples understandably want to get Christmas over and done with before jumping back into wedding planning.

This year was different though. November, as usual was fairly quiet. Into December was much the same. But just as I switched off the out of office auto responder, the enquiries began coming in. And they’ve not stopped really. We even had enquiries coming through on Christmas day itself, which we’ve never had before. We’ve sent out more booking forms in the last 4 days than we did throughout October- Mid-December combined. You’re an eager lot!

Good news is always exciting

But do you know what? I’ve loved it. It is always new and exciting when a couple get in touch and share their plans with us. It’s nice to share in the excitement of it all. That’s why I cannot tear myself away. I know it’s important to take some time off and really step away from work every so often, but this year, for me, in the end, didn’t feel like the right time.

I have really enjoyed talking with so many couples about their plans. The new bookings for 2018 and beyond are ones i’m really looking forward to. I hope that my excitement and enthusiasm was evident in my replies, as I remember from planning a wedding myself that great suppliers who really care make all the difference.

Thank you to all the couples who have been in touch with us about their wedding plans so far. Thank you for sharing your festive period with us and your plans for the future.

Be excellent to each other