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Do you need to have photographs of the wedding dress going on?

If you’re someone who isn’t used to (or doesn’t like) being the centre of attention, a wedding can already be a difficult for you. Especially if you’re a bride or groom. Although things are changing, there is generally a focus on the bride. Everyone wants to look at, speak to and greet the bride. Everyone wants to know what the bride is wearing. In the morning, traditionally the photographer goes to visit the bride rather than the groom. Things being all about you can quickly become too much. For an anxious or nervous person in particular the thought of all those photographs can be overwhelming. You’ll find yourself asking things like “Do I need photos of my makeup going on?”. “Do I need photographs of the wedding dress going on?”

Of course, anxiety says no.

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What you want vs what you need

Sometimes giving in to our own worries and insecurities is the best thing to do. At other times, it’s something we need to face head on in order to really achieve what we want to achieve. There’s a certain logic which says you cannot miss what you’ve never had. And yet, when it comes to wedding photographs this is rarely the case. If you don’t end up with a photograph of yourself and your parents for example, you’ll likely miss it. Same if there were no photographs of your cake or dress perhaps.

So do you really need photographs of your wedding dress going on?

If the thought is too much for you, that’s absolutely fine. If you’re just a little nervous and unsure what to expect, i’m going to share some information which may help put your mind at ease.

Photographs of the wedding dress going on are rarely photographs of the whole process- unless this is something that you have specified that you’d like. This means that you don’t have to worry about being photographed in your underwear. Or doing that awkward bending forward and jiggling your boobs into the cups thing (just me!?) Often your photographer will make themselves scarce or move away from the area to give you some privacy. All they ask is that you call them back once the dress is on and you’re covered. From here, your photographer can get some intimate, story telling moments of something which is actually a key part of the day. If someone special is helping you into your dress, these are also precious moments. They can be moments of immense pride for proud mums, sisters or very best friends.

The best wedding photographs of 2017

Until your wedding day, the dress going on just seems like part of the process. For a lot of brides though, it’s not until the dress goes on that it all hits you. When that dress goes on, for real, that’s when things actually start to feel real. It’s a bizarre feeling. As if the whole thing had been pretend until now. As if you had just been getting ready for a night out before.

This is it

In many cases, after years of planning, this is it. It’s a lovely moment to capture and a lovely memory to treasure.

The best wedding photographs of 2017

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