Female wedding guests dancing during the evening wedding reception

I bet that you look good on the dancefloor! Wedding dancing photos

When you consider that the average UK wedding day lasts for around 10 hours from ceremony – finish, the evening celebrations actually account for a pretty big chunk of the day! With evening guests typically arriving from around 7pm onwards, that’s just over a third of the whole day that guests need to be entertained for. With that in mind, many of our couples don’t just want coverage up until the first dance. You miss out on all the fun of throwing shapes if you pick up your bag and leave at that point! Wedding dancing photos are often some of our favourites. Not to mention the fact that the evening is the perfect way to hype you up after a long day. A day that began wayyyy before the ceremony.

Wedding dance floor photos- rounding off your coverage

By the evening, guests who have been there all day are familiar with us and are less conscious of the camera. It helps that usually there have been drinks flowing until this point too. The result is lots of fun images of people having a great time. People dancing like no ones watching, occasionally posing for the camera, dropping their hottest moves and generally enjoying themselves. Wedding dance floor photos are the perfect way to round off your coverage and make your photo gallery feel complete.

A great wedding band or wedding DJ really does make all the difference. Reading the crowd, feeding off of their energy and fuelling the atmosphere is a skill that comes with talent and experience. There’s nothing like a misjudged song to kill a party vibe and empty a dance floor.

So here are a collection of wedding dancing images from weddings gone by. We hope you enjoy them!

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