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Storm Emma and the Snow

Well what a crazy 7 days it has been this past week! This time a week ago we were beginning to panic a little about what was in store for us. With a wedding the coming weekend and oodles of snow on the way we were slightly worried that getting there might not be very straightforward! Yes, storm Emma was on the way to bring mayhem and cause havoc across the country. I’m not a fan of snow at the best of times, so the prospect of snow was not something I was excited about!

How much snow!?

And then it came. And it didn’t seem to stop either! Every time it seemed like things were slowing down, more snow would arrive. We were actually incredibly lucky where we are. Compared to a lot of the country we didn’t have much snow at all. But we still got our fair share!

Unlike me, Sam was excited about the prospect of snow. Whilst I was worrying about how we’d get to weddings and the fact we’d not been shopping recently, he was excitedly planning his next trip out with his drone! Since he got it for Christmas, Sam has been on many drone adventures. So the snow provided the perfect opportunity for him to go out and capture something a little different. I, of course, refused to go. Worried we’d get stuck or something! So off he went alone on a snowy adventure!

Beautiful snow

I must say, he actually did a lovely job and it looked absolutely beautiful. Was it worth the inconvenience and chaos it caused, definitely not. But if anything positive can come from a flurry of the white stuff, lets try to enjoy it whilst we can.

I’ve included below some footage from Sam’s drone adventure. Just to clarify, Sam’s drone is just a hobby item and we don’t use it professionally. So sorry, it’s not something we can bring to your wedding! You’d need someone who’s professionally qualified and insured with professional kit if you’re looking for drone footage. Sam’s little drone is just a hobby.

Still, I hope you enjoy the footage. If you do, feel free to leave a comment for Sam, i’m sure it’ll make him smile!

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