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South Farm wedding venue review by award winning wedding photographers

South farm wedding venue review

South farm wedding, south farm wedding photographers, sam and louise

If you’re looking for a South Farm wedding venue review then we may be able to help.

We’re a pair of Lincolnshire wedding photographers who’ve had the opportunity to photograph weddings at South farm before, so we wanted to share our experiences.

When we were planning our wedding and looking for venue reviews, all we could find were reviews from other couples. This was great, but as wedding suppliers ourselves, we knew there is often lots that goes on behind the scenes. As such we wanted to share our experiences with you and write a South Farm wedding venue review.

In short we have always had a great experience working at South Farm. Because of this we are always keen to return as we always know it’ll be a fabulous day.

South farm wedding, south farm wedding photographers, sam and louise

Some of our favourite things about South farm are:


  • There is space on site for both the bride and the groom to get ready. This means prep coverage is straightforward and one of you is not overlooked by your photographer/videographer. This makes your wedding gallery feel complete! The bridal suite is lovely, especially upstairs.
  • Parking is close by, but out of the way so you wont have to worry about unsightly cars in all your photos. Parking is sensible (designated spots for registrars for example.) There’s lots of it and it’s just a few meters from the main barn.
  • The toilets. They say you can judge a venue by it’s toilets and I think in this case that is fair. They’re nice, clean and there’s enough of them. The ones in the main barn in particular are fab! There’s even a toilet just for the bride- so if you’re planning a big dress you’ll have no worries there.

South farm wedding, south farm wedding photographers, sam and louise


  • The separate dancefloor area is great! If you want to get a party started there’s nothing like a designated dance floor area and a glass floor to do it. With the bar being on the other side of the barn too, this encourages people to get on the dancefloor and stay there. Wonderful for a good party!
  • There’s so much opportunity to make the day totally your own. We’ve never shot two weddings there the same. Designated areas for designated parts of the day also makes it feel seamless rather than guests being pulled back and fourth.
  • Lots of unique and quirky touches. From the gypsy cabins, to the steam engine and the animals on site. It’s a really charming and unique place. There’s so much to explore, so many places for photos and each time we go back we’re still discovering more.

South farm wedding, south farm wedding photographers, sam and louise

The staff

  • Staff. South Farm seems to be one of the rare venues that hold on to their staff. So often you work at venues and never see the same staff members twice. We always see familiar faces at South Farm. I’d like to think means it’s a nice place to work as well as a nice place to get married. They have always been lovely to us.
  • Coordination just when you need it. Not over the top and in your face or obtrusive. Not so scarce that you’re wondering if and when things are going to happen. Whenever we’ve been there coordination has been spot on, friendly and efficient. We’ve worked at other venues before where the coordinator follows the couple around all day- even as the brides coming down the aisle…not ideal!

South farm wedding, south farm wedding photographers, sam and louise

Bad points?

Well, as beautiful as the outdoor ceremony area is, it’s a tricky one to photograph! This isn’t a problem at all for you or your guests, but it is something to keep in mind if you’ll be hiring a wedding photographer and want nice ceremony photos. If you’re blessed with a bright sunny day you’ll find that all your guests are sitting in the sun whilst you’re in the gazebo in shade. Again, this is not a problem at all for you, or your guests but you will need to hire an experienced professional photographer who’s confident shooting in manual mode who knows how to use the light. Otherwise you’ll end up with photos that are totally over exposed at the front, whilst you are blacked out in shade.

South farm wedding, south farm wedding photographers, sam and louiseSouth farm wedding, south farm wedding photographers, sam and louise

We hope that’s helped you gain a better insight into South Farm and some of it’s many great features! Thanks for reading our South Farm wedding venue review.

If you would like to see some more of our work to accompany this South farm wedding venue review, you can see our most recent South Farm blog here.

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