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Royal wedding negativity

Even those of us living under a rock are probably aware of the fact that the Royal wedding took place today. Prince Harry married Meghan Markle at Windsor castle. The ceremony was watched by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Spectators lined the streets and waited for hours for just a fleeting glimpse of the happy couple. It’s another Royal event that will go down in history. Sadly, it’s also been plagued by Royal wedding negativity.

bride and groom at hedsor house wedding

Price William and Kate Middleton

I was 22 when the last Royal wedding took place between Price William and Kate Middleton. I was old enough to be very aware of it all and I remember it well. We’d actually just started our business at the time. I watched with interest as a budding new photographer excited and enthusiastic about the wedding world. Perhaps last time it passed me by, but there seems to be so much negativity surrounding this wedding. Of course there’s a lot of positivity and celebration too, let’s not overlook that. This time it seems like so many people are going out of their way to share how uninterested they are in it all though. Countless numbers of people are publicly criticising the brides dress or hair or a hundred and one other things.


It makes me feel sad. There are literally thousands of other couples getting married today. Each will have made choices that may not be to everyones taste. Choices that may be frowned upon or unpopular. Yet still we accept that it’s their wedding. We generally keep negative thoughts and comments to ourselves, because we know it isn’t kind. It isn’t our day.

We’re all entitled to our opinions of course and free speech is always welcomed. I can’t help but ask myself why though. Why go out of your way to share a negative comment online about someone else’s wedding day? I tend not to give much thought to things that don’t interest me, yet those who claim to be the least interested appear to be the most invested in the Royal wedding?

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Royal wedding negativity: Thick skins required

I know there’s often a mental disconnect and it can feel like those in the public eye aren’t real people. I know their skins are probably thicker than most. It comes with the territory I imagine. And I know that ultimately they probably wont see the random comments from Brenda age 54 from Birmingham or what she posted on the Daily Mail website, but still.

Two people in love

Even if you hate the very thought that a monarchy even exists. Even if you dislike him and her for whatever reason. Take it back to basics. Two young people have committed to share their lives together today. Promised themselves to one another and publicly declared their love for the other. In a world so full of hatred, upset and anguish, isn’t that something worth raising a smile for? No party hats or balloons necessary- just closed mouths. Or more appropriately perhaps, still fingers.

bride and groom at hedsor house wedding

Let them have their day of celebration I say. Let them enjoy this brief moment in time because it will be over before they know it. Anyone who’s ever been married knows that. The wedding day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Royal wedding negativity is never necessary.

Ask yourself a few things

Before you go out of your way to make comments online please ask yourself a couple of things. Is what you are saying kind? Is it helpful. If it is neither, then it also may not be necessary. Royal wedding negativity is never necessary.

Putting my own thoughts and opinions aside, I wish the newlyweds nothing but the best. I hope, as I do for every couple, that their lives together are long and happy. Above all else I hope that they have their health for long enough to be able to truly enjoy life and achieve all that they ever dreamed of. Together, I hope they are able to tackle any adversities or hardships that may come their way. It will not be easy I’m sure, but I sincerely hope it will be worth it.

Congratulations to Harry & Meghan from Sam and Louise photography

Be excellent to each other