When we started our little business way back in 2011, we never really dreamed beyond the next weekend. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. We lived and worked in a constant state of the here and now, determined that somehow this would work. Somehow, if we wanted it and worked hard enough our wedding photography business would get off the ground. Things not working out was never an option, it just would. It would because we wanted it enough and because we worked every single hour we could. And yet still, we never dreamed beyond the weekend. We never dreamed that someday we may actually see our work featured in the press.

East midlands wedding photographers in the Press

But somewhere along the way, things did work. Somewhere along the way our little wedding photography business found it’s feet. Happy, engaged couples began to book us to photograph their weddings. Other businesses started to connect with us and recommend our wedding photography services to couples. And also somewhere along the way, wedding blogs and wedding magazines started to notice us too. Soon our wedding photographs were being featured on wedding blogs across the country. Eventually, wedding blogs across the world too. International wedding blogs were featuring our wedding photographs! International wedding blogs were choosing and featuring us- two East Midlands wedding photographers from Essex, who landed in Lincolnshire and fell in love with photography. It seems surreal even now.

Wedding blogs in Lincolnshire and wedding magazines

Not only was our work being picked up by wedding blogs, but also wedding magazines too. Local Lincolnshire wedding blogs and magazines now regularly feature our work. After 3 years as experienced wedding photographers in the East Midlands, we picked up our first national wedding award. We won “Best photographer” at The wedding Industry Awards for our region at the time the East of England.

Following our win, many press features followed, including being named one of the 5 Best wedding photographers in the UK!

The award of “Best photographer” from The wedding industry awards is one that we went on to win the following year two.

We are very proud and humbled by the success we have achieved. From two students, to Internationally published wedding photographers and award winners. Not bad for a husband and wife wedding photography team in the East midlands!

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