Throughout our 13 year career as Staffordshire wedding photographers, we've been fortunate to receive a fair amount of press coverage and recognition for our work. This includes being honoured with several awards.

Notably, we have been twice crowned as the "Best wedding Photographer" in our region at The Wedding Industry awards, as well as receiving a highly commended and National Finalist award from the same awarding body. You can verify our award status here. We have also received 8 "Editors choice" awards from Mywed with 2 receiving "Best of the Year" awards.

Whilst members, we also picked up a Fearless award for one of our best known and most well loved photos- the flyaway veil! (pictured below)

West Midlands wedding photographers in the Press

In addition to awards, we've also had our work and expertise featured by world leading and internationally respected publications such as The Times and the BBC. Websites and blogs such as The Huffington Post, Love my Dress and Rock my wedding, amongst others have also picked up our work for feature. In print, you'll find Louise & Sam's real wedding on the pages of Rock N Roll Bride magazine, issue 10. Jenny & Antony's wedding (featuring Ed Sheeran) graces the cover of "An Essex wedding" Magazine and not forgetting Crystal & Alex's cover image for "Your Glos & Wilts wedding".

wedding blog features badges

happy couple celebrating at their wedding

Above: Jenny & Antony Below: Crystal & Alex

Love our wedding Magazine have been kind enough to publish several of our real weddings too.

When we started our business way back in 2011, we never really dared to dream beyond the next weekend. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. We lived and worked in a constant state of the here and now, determined that somehow this would work. Somehow, if we wanted it and worked hard enough our wedding photography business would get off the ground. Things not working out was never an option, it just had to. It would because we wanted it enough and because we worked every single hour we could. And yet still, we never dreamed beyond the weekend. We never dreamed that someday we may actually see our work featured in the press or that this would be our full time jobs!

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