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- Our approach as Staffordshire wedding photographers -

Our approach to photographing your wedding is really simple- at the core of what we do is the desire to tell the story of your day authentically. Without unnecessary interruption or intervention and as it really happens. We want you to look back on your photographs in years to come and know that you had the time of your lives. We want you to remember and feel each moment as if you were still in it. Whether your wedding is taking place in Staffordshire or the Midlands, we'd love to be your wedding photographers. Especially if you're seeking someone who's going to be discreet, creative and as invested in your day as you.

More than that, we want you to embrace your besties! Belly laugh together without fear of a looming photographer! We want you to enjoy and savour every moment. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! If you're genuinely having fun it'll shine through in your photos. Win win! The experience of being photographed is just as important as the photos themselves. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You may one day come to forget the jokes we shared or the things we said, but hopefully you'll never forget how we made you feel. You can read countless reviews about the wedding photography service that we offer on google. They give an insight into who we are, how we work and the kind of impact that we have on a typical wedding day. Check out our wedding photographer reviews on google or on our reviews page.

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Alongside our story telling motif, we're creative creatures too. It's not unheard of for us to be waist deep in the sea or for Sam to be rolling around on the floor like some kind of pound shop action man (ACTION SAM). We love the fact that we can each look at a scene and see it totally differently. It's part of the beauty of having two wedding photographers. As such, recreating the same generic, tired shots that may have been taken at your venue thousands of times before is rarely on the cards for us. Creating something unique to you is always the end goal. After all, setting trends beats following them doesn't it? That's also why it doesn't matter if we haven't worked at your wedding venue before. Getting to see a venue with fresh eyes is a rare but exciting thing for us, especially as we're new Staffordshire wedding photographers, having only relocated to the area in 2021.

What it all comes down to...

Because we offer wedding photojournalism, we endeavour to document your wedding day in a way that is both heartfelt and genuine. Shot from a place of love with creative storytelling in mind. Whilst we’re open to working with anyone and everyone, it’s really important to us that we’re the right fit for your wedding. We love working with couples who'll go with the flow and take a somewhat laissez-faire approach on the day.

It's worth bearing in mind that not all wedding photographers in the Midlands (or elsewhere) work in the same way. Each will have their own distinct style and way of working. Even if you love someones portfolio it's essential to book someone who's approach and expertise falls in line with your vision and expectations too. Whilst you may love their photographs, you may not love how they were achieved. What we mean by that is, the photos may be wonderful, but it may have meant being whisked off for an hour long photoshoot. Hopefully you'll be pleased to know that formal, traditional and overly structured could not be further from what we do.

We work best in an environment with like minded couples who’ll trust us to work freely; using our initiative and observational skills. We will of course still document the essential family groups and some loved up couples portraits if you’d like them though! Our style is however best suited to couples who wish to keep it real and keep the posed stuff to a minimum.

About 5-6 group photos is usual for our couples. We also suggest spending around 10-15 minutes with you in the lead up to sunset too. If you love our work and the idea of having a wedding photographer with a laid back, informal approach we’d love to hear some more about your wedding plans. You can also see loads of real wedding photography inspiration on our blog. Here you'll be able see some of the weddings that have make our hearts sing.