Bride and groom with their tipis in the west midands for their wedding

New adventures: We’re moving

After years of dreaming about moving to the countryside and years of living and shooting in Essex, things are about to change. We have finally taken the first steps to relocating to somewhere a little greener. We have just sold our house and we have had an offer on our *almost* dream home accepted. We're not trying to tempt fate by any means, as the sale hasn't officially gone through just yet, but we wanted to let you all know now, that the wheels are in motion. We'd hate for anyone to hear it through the grape vine and panic. There are SO many wedding industry horror stories that it's easy to worry. Please rest assured, we aren't going anywhere just yet and no matter what, we will still be covering all existing wedding bookings as normal. We both still have lots of family in Essex, in fact, they pretty much all still live there, so we'll be down all the time.

Dreams can come true *sing it with me*

This move is actually something we've been dreaming about for as long as we've lived together. Since the very beginning and the early days spent in our little one bedroom flat. We've both always wanted to live somewhere a bit quieter. We're not into city living at all so we wanted somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of London. Somewhere with no neighbours, that really feels like our own. We've longed for nice views, open space and a big garden where the dogs can really stretch their legs.

Big changes are aftoot

Having both lived in Essex for pretty much our whole lives, it's going to be quite a change, but one that we couldn't be more excited about. Some of you may remember that we tested the water back in 2016 by venturing a little further out- for a trial run I suppose! We rented a house in Suffolk for a year to see whether the country life really was for us. In truth, we've missed it every single day since moving back to Essex. We've missed the dark, starry skies at night and the total silence. We've missed the views and fields and privacy. The quaintness and quirkiness of it all. It's exactly what we'd dreamed of.

So here it is, your first heads up. We're moving! We will now be based in the East Midlands. So I guess we'll be West Midlands wedding photographers! More specifically, Staffordshire wedding photographers. We're actually going to be in Uttoxeter, which puts us in a fantastic position to cover weddings in more locations than ever. We're now just a stones throw from Derby, Nottingham, Stoke on trent, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the Peak District! Furthermore, we're now more centrally located for our clients too and we hope, in time to have a studio space where you can all come and visit us!

Watch this space and wish us luck on our next adventure.


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