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Natural newborn photography in Staffordshire: Relaxed Lifestyle newborn

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We understand what an exciting and magical time it is when you bring your newborn home. Whether you’re now a family of three, or are bringing home baby to meet inquisitive siblings, those precious first weeks are a time to cherish. Many new parents will want these moments captured, but aren’t necessarily fans of traditional newborn photography. When most of us think of newborn photographers in Staffordshire or the surrounding areas, we have visions of babies dressed as sunflowers or propped up in baskets. Whilst that style has it’s place, its certainly not what many are looking for. When you then consider the new routines, rest and recovery, family visits and the fact that a new baby can be an overwhelming experience, it’s easy to see why some parents never get around to having newborn photographs taken. The though of having to bundle up your precious newborn, dress up and head to a studio to stand in front of a camera isn’t most peoples idea of a good time, days after birth.

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Natural and relaxed newborn photography

Thankfully, there is an alternative! We offer something very different to traditional newborn photography. Our “lifestyle newborn” sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and aim to document the precious reality of new family life. Nothing contrived, no awkward poses, costumes or performing. We simply capture all the wonderful details and moments that make up those first special weeks at home as naturally and authentically as possible. This involves many normal family tasks and includes or excludes whatever you’re comfortable with. From cuddles on the sofa to breastfeeding photos or babies first bath. And of course, all those unforgettable newborn details- the tiny fingers and toes. The scrunchy faces and little curls. All the things that change so quickly, but you never want to forget.

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What does a lifestyle newborn shoot involve?

We would often suggest undertaking normal, everyday activities during the shoot. This helps us capture the reality of family life and of your time together in those early days. Every day tasks such as cuddling, feeding, changing and bathing baby for example. You may wish for me to arrive at breakfast time and document your morning routine, or later in the evening for bath and bed. For some couples having something to “do” provides a welcome distraction from the fact you’re being photographed.

Formal portraits and orchestration are something we focus less on. For this reason we suggest that wherever possible only the newborn and their parent(s) and siblings are present. Extended family photographs are a wonderful thing, but something different to what we offer. In order for things to be as serene and free flowing as possible, numbers should really be kept to a minimum where possible. Family pets are of course welcome to join in.

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My home is small or unsuitable

One of the concerns that some parents have with regards to lifestyle newborn sessions, is the suitability of their home environment. People worry that their space is too small, not well presented or otherwise unsuitable. In truth, it’s all about the light. As long as you have an area with some natural light, all will be fine. If you have a set of patio doors, a large window or a light room, you will be surprised by that you can achieve. Some parents wish to incorporate specific aspects of their home into the shoot too- such as the nursery or babies room for example. This is perfectly fine also and another example of why lifestyle newborn photography is becoming increasingly popular. Many parents want to include their nursery or baby’s room, gifts and so on. This can all be done with an at home newborn photography session.

If you still aren’t quite sure what relaxed and natural newborn photography looks like, you can find some examples of lifestyle newborn sessions below. And of course, if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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