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Personal post: Louise’s 30th birthday!

Weddings started early for us this season, way back in February. Which feels like it should have just been a couple of weeks ago, but is already almost 4 months ago! We’ve already photographed a good number of weddings this year so any kind of break or day off is welcomed whilst we still have the chance.

Last week we had a “week off”. By which I mean, we had a week without any weddings in the diary. It also happened to be the week before my 30th birthday, so it’s a big one! Sam saw an opportunity and surprised me with a little get away. A few days away in the countryside to relax before weddings go absolutely mental this weekend. Once this weekend kicks off we don’t come up for air again until some time in mid October. Things quiet down a little then and we’ll actually see a weekend again.

A log cabin in Lincolnshire for my 30th birthday!

So last Monday we set off for Lincolnshire. Sam had booked a log cabin on a lake. Complete with hot tub for ultimate relaxation. That was the plan at least It was lovely to get away but I still couldn’t detach completely from work and did end up replying to enquiries and emails every day. Sorry Sam! I don’t know how to relax. Time not working always feels like time wasted….I think I need to get a life! Fortunately we had the weather on our side and were able to spend a lot of time outside. Sam even went Lake swimming-something i’m not brave enough to do. Too many films as a child with leeches and quicksand, ha!

No cameras allowed

I did however not make the mistake of taking cameras with us so I only have a few photos taken on my phone. If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen the videos I shared of the lodge. I’ll stitch them all together and include them below too as I didn’t actually take any photos of the lodge. Please keep in mind these are just mobile phone snaps, nothing professional! Our professional work is a bit better, I hope!

Nightingale lodge, tattershall, coningsbyNightingale lodge, tattershall, coningsby Nightingale lodge, tattershall, coningsbyNightingale lodge, tattershall, coningsbyNightingale lodge, tattershall, coningsbyNightingale lodge, tattershall, coningsby

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