Wedding in Lincolnshire

Do you miss me? Sorry for the lack of blogs recently

You may have noticed that i’ve been blogging less than usual recently. Sorry! It’s not just blogs that have been a little neglected though. I haven’t been very well recently, so normal proceedings have slowed down a little. I have tried to make replying to existing client emails and new enquiries a priority. Some days this has just about sapped all of the energy I have, so other things have taken a backseat. Social media posts have been fewer and further between, as have blogs and the speed of general correspondence.

Am I up to date?

I *think* I am now fully caught up and up to date with all supplier emails and image requests though, but if I have missed you, please please give me a nudge. Theres a good chance that I may have read your email in a murky haze and it’s slipped through the net when it’s come to replying. If you’ve ever been in touch with us before, you’ll know this is very much out of character as emails are usually “my thing”. I’m usually very quick with correspondence!

Apologies again to anyone who has been waiting on a reply. As I say, please don’t be afraid of giving me a nudge if you are still waiting. I’d hate to think that I have missed anyone out. Hopefully normal service will be resumed within the week. For the time being i’m going to tuck myself up in a blanket and feel sorry for myself for a little longer.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient and understanding!

Be excellent to each other