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Should I have an individual portrait on my wedding day?

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For many of us the thought of being photographed professionally is scary. We worry that we’ll have strange quirks, blink too often, smile like Chandler Bing. We hear things like this time and again. Having worked with hundreds of couples we know it’s a big concern for many. However we have never had a problem capturing beautiful photos of a couple. Even when they’ve warned us that they pull odd faces or smile like a maniac (their words!). The truth is, we are all our own worst critic. We worry about things that really there is no need to worry about. I do it too. I think we all do to some degree in one are of our lives or another. So it’s understandable why lots of couples ask themselves “Do I need an individual portrait on my wedding day”.

Just for the bride?

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As with most things wedding, sometimes the concept of portraits can be quite Bride centric. Lots of couples assume that portraits, even coverage of prep for example is just for the bride. We ask all of our couples whether they’d like an individual portrait during their couples session. Often both will say no- or if they say yes, around 50% of the time it is only the bride who would like one. Is it that grooms do not want the fuss? Would they really not like a photograph of themselves looking dapper? Do they feel it is only for the bride? What a real shame for the guys to be left out!

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Portraits of the groom

Individual portraits of the groom are just as important as individual portraits of the bride in our opinion. They’re a great opportunity to focus a little attention on the groom. So often they can be sidelined on their own wedding day. Many have the idea that it’s not particularly masculine to be all dressed up and fancy in front of the camera. But why not? You look good! There’s no shame in that! And when you’re sitting with your wife, 40 years from now, looking back on your album, wont it be great to admire just how wonderful you both looked?

The nice thing about individual portraits of the groom is also that it gives the opportunity to capture groom specific details. Brides often have their dresses photographed, their bouquets and jewellery. Grooms often play their cards a little closer to their chests. As a result, details like tie pins and pocket watches can be missed. But they’re special too!

Brides, relax!

The best wedding photographs of 2017

And Brides, if theres one piece of advice we could give to you it is this. Relax. You look incredible. Throw yourself in at the deep end and step outside your comfort zone for 2 minutes. The thought of being photographed and being the centre of attention is far worse than the reality. We promise. And if all else fails, look to the person you just married. They’ll be there on the sidelines, looking at you adoringly and wondering what on earth they did to get so lucky.

So do we think you need an individual portrait on your wedding day? Absolutely.

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