bride and groom pose for wedding photographs at sugarloaf barn in wales

How long do couples photos take on a wedding day?

One of the most commonly asked questions by couples is: “how long do couples photos take on a wedding day?”

The answer to this will depend largely on your photographer and the way they work. It’ll also depend on any special requirements you may have. As such, this post is going to address how we work specifically. It should not be considered a one size fits all approach for every photographer. You should check with your own wedding photographer if in doubt.

One of the main reasons that our couples ask this question is because they are often conscious of being away from their guests for too long. Many of our couples book us because they want their wedding photographs to be a record of their day and not a photoshoot. The way we work is incredibly relaxed. We place a real focus on capturing the most important elements of the day as authentically as possible. Because of this, we aren’t one of these photographers who will take you away for hours.

A “normal” wedding day

On a normal wedding day it’s typical to spend around 10-15 minutes with you towards the end of your drinks reception. This would usually be around the time that your guests are being seated for their meal. This means you wont be missed too much! We’d then aim to borrow you for 5 minutes around sunset time for some natural, romantic sunset photographs in the soft golden light. This will of course vary according to the time of year and the weather conditions. For example, for a winter wedding the sun may already be setting towards the end of your drinks reception, so we may kill two birds with one stone so to speak and get it all done in one swoop.

If it’s exceptionally cold outside or wet, we may borrow you for a couple of minutes here or there to grab a photo or two rather than keeping you outside for extended periods of time. In these circumstances it’s very much led by what you are comfortable with. Some brides or grooms may be happy to brave the cold- preferring to get things wrapped up all at once. Others may relish the opportunity to dip in and out from time to time. We are flexible and will work around your schedule and your comfort zone.

Bride and groom holding hands

Autumn and winter weddings

For autumn and winter weddings we may also offer the option of a night time photograph. Because it get’s dark so much earlier in the day, there’s an opportunity for some creative night time photography. This is very much a personal decision. Some couples would like a unique “wow” photograph. Others prefer to hit the dance floor come to the evening and stay there.

All in all, we’ll generally spend about 20-25 minutes with you on a wedding day. Very rarely in one continuous block- unless that’s something you’d like. If for example your venue offers an excursion option and you want to use all the time up at once in one particularly scenic area.

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