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Get to know Sam & Louise photography

At the moment a lot of us have a bit more time on our hands than usual. With this extra time we know some of you are jumping feet first into wedding planning and others are following your wedding suppliers more closely. However you ended up here, we’re glad to have you! We thought we’d use some of our free time to share a little more about us.

So here are a random collection of facts about us. If you have any particular questions for us, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post or pop us a message on social media and we’ll update this post. Our social media links are below.


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Get to know Sam & Louise Photography- 20 random facts about us!

The first wedding we ever shot was at a venue called Leez Priory in Essex. That was back in 2011!

We met at a pub in Romford at a mutual friends birthday drinks.

Louise has a degree in Psychology and Sam’s background is in Graphic design. Neither of us ever planned to be wedding photographers, it just happened somewhere along the way. What a happy accident!

 We have two dogs. They’re both pug x chihuahua so they’re stumpy and chunky with little squishy faces

wedding in Lincolnshire

Sam loves Papa Johns pizza and Beyond Meat vegan burgers. He also has a major sweet tooth and loves chocolate.

Louise loves cherry coke, fizzy sweets and Texas BBQ pringles! Cold savouries like pies and pasties are a favourite too.

When we got married back in 2015, we never got around to booking a honeymoon. In January 2020, after 4.5 years of marriage, we finally booked our bucket list trip….only for it to be cancelled due to Covid-19. Doh. Good things come to those who wait?

Sam loves Rollercoasters and the aforementioned dream trip involved several days spent at theme parks in America. The other half of the trip (Louise’s choice) is hiking through Washington state and exploring nature.

We love quirky, quality, solid wood furniture. There’s nothing quite like the smell, look and feel of bespoke with it’s quaint and unique characteristics. We can’t always afford it, but we love and appreciate it none the less!

Warm fairy and festoon lights are dreamy and you can rarely have too many in our opinion.

alex miller photography
Us on our wedding day. Copyright Alex Miller Photography

From Essex to Staffordshire wedding photographers

Having both grown up in Essex, we now live in a little village on the fringes of Uttoxeter in Staffordshire. It’s like another world up here and we adore it. We can’t see ourselves living anywhere near London or a city again.

Louise’s taste in music hasn’t changed since she was 14 and she pretty much still listens exclusively to all the same bands that she did back then.

Sam’s an online gamer. Left to his own devices he could lose days gaming and be none the wiser!

Louise makes really amazing vegan sweet treats- tarts, cakes, pies etc. People are always surprised to find out that they’re vegan. Louise’s dad still doesn’t believe that her mint chocolate tarts is.


We’re definitely incessant dreamers. We are always lusting after the next adventure, the next goal, the next dream. For us adventure, dreams and goals are rarely big things. We feel that sense of adventure doing things like taking a new route whilst walking the dogs. We dream about things like finding a restaurant we love so much that we eat there every Friday night. Always having something new to look forward to or lust after is what motivates us.

Living kindly is a really big deal to us. Living and running our business in a way that is cruelty free is important.

Waffle cone ice creams are the best ice creams!

Empty beaches as far as the eye can see always feel extra special. There’s nothing we love more than the sound of the ocean and watching our dogs stretch their legs, running at full speed without a care in the world.

wedding in Lincolnshire

Beans on toast is genuinely one of our favourite meals and we have it a lot! 

As things begin to return to normality, we’d love to explore some more of the UK. We have VW T6 camper van that we’re raring to test out as we only got it in winter!

If you still want to learn more about us, take our interactive “About us” quiz! You can find it posted on our instagram story highlights. Or alternatively, find it here

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