Uttoxeter wedding photographer takes photo at a wedding of bride and groom

5 Reasons why you should follow your wedding photographer on social media

Social media has become an integral part of many of our lives. We now use it for everything. Connecting with friends, keeping in touch with family- even for buying and selling. Many of us use social media to connect with businesses and follow the work of musicians or celebrities that we admire. Everything is accessible with social media these days. To many of us, it’s a no brainer to follow your wedding suppliers on social media, but i’m going to discuss 5 reasons why you should follow your wedding photographer on social media below.

Getting to know their work

The best way to assess the quality and consistency of someones work is to look at it. Websites are all well and good, but they are a suppliers shop front. Just like a shop, they cannot show everything in the window. They will simply display whatever it is they feel is their best work or the work that best represents them. Websites cannot and will not be updated wedding by wedding though. They may have a blog, but again, this will never be everything. Social media, is a great way to see regular updates of your photographers work. Wedding to wedding, shoot to shoot. Many now maintain an active and sometimes even daily presence on sites such as instagram. This means that whilst you may not see a full wedding, you will often see lots more than you would have from several shoots than you would have seen on a website alone.

Get to know their style

Social media can also be great for helping you to better understand a photographers style. Just about everyone says that they offer relaxed and natural photography these days. Or a variation of the above. Because of this, what that means has become a little blurred and open to interpretation. Seeing someones work over a period of time, across several different weddings and sessions will help you to understand what they deliver. For example, if they only post unposed natural images of guests and the wedding you may come to understand that they favour photojournalism. Therefore you can expect that a majority of your wedding gallery will be in this style. If they post lots of fashion style, posed shots, you may spend more of your wedding day posing for photographs and so on. Understanding what someones style looks like in reality is way more important than what they say their style is. Buzzwords come in and out of fashion. For a time, everyone was a “fine art” photographer, before that a “vintage” wedding photographer. Be your own judge.

Get to know THEM

You can get a real feel for someone from what they post on social media. Their captions, hastags, instagram stories. All help to build a picture of the person behind the account. Are they fun or funny, do they clearly enjoy a bit of banter? Are they quite formal and to the point. Posting for postings sake? Do they go live every time they leave the house, is it all a bit cringe? You can get to know a lot about a person from they way they present themselves and their business on social media. Instagram in particular is great for this as you have both the feed and the stories to enjoy!

Ideas and Inspiration

What’s better than seeing other real weddings for inspiration and ideas? It’s great to see what other couples have done with a venue, or to pick up ideas for centrepieces or entertainment. Real life, real weddings are great fun to admire. And it’s not in the least bit lurkery because it’s all in the name of research, of course!

Connections and Recommendations for other suppliers

The wedding industry is getting better at behaving like a community. We will always go out of our way to tag another business in any of our posts for example. Especially if they have done an excellent job or were great fun to work with. Therefore following your wedding photographer on social media can be a great way to pick up the details of other local suppliers who have done a great job! It’s all well and good finding a florist on google for example, but actually seeing photographs of their work, from a real wedding and knowing that your photographer has worked with them before can offer peace of mind. Wedding photographers are often one of the first services to be booked so if you’re on the look out for other suppliers, keep an eye on your photographers social media accounts. You’ll probably find a whole host of wonderful other local suppliers to sift though.

So there you have it, 5 reasons to follow your wedding photographer on social media!

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