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Family photographer in Staffordshire?

One of the things we are asked most often is “Do you do family shoots”. As such, we thought we’d address this in a post. Although we are wedding photographers in Staffordshire, unfortunately we are not also family photographers. Family photography is not something that we currently offer to clients. At this time, we also don’t have any plans to introduce these services.

Specialists in Wedding photography

For the last 10 years we have decided to specialise in wedding photography. Weddings are what we enjoy photographing most. Being a specialist in a particular area allows us to focus all our time and attention on our wedding couples. This means we can provide the best possible service for them. It also means that each year (if we’re lucky) our calendar is full of wedding bookings, leaving little time for much else March-November. This is of course when most families would like photographs taken- when the weather is likely to be a bit nicer.

The nature of family photography can sometimes mean that is it unpredictable. Children get chicken pox, schedules clash, other things come up. It’s all part of normal family life. Sadly, this doesn’t often play out too well around a diary full of weddings, and a lack of flexibility (on our part) wouldn’t make us a great service provider.

Ten years of shooting weddings has meant we’ve developed a very specific workflow, routine and timeframe for getting our work done and sadly, introducing these kinds of services just doesn’t fit in with this.

Doing what you love

We’re big advocates for doing something you love. It’s the best thing about being self employed. At this point in our career, weddings are still what we love most of all.

At present, we shoot perhaps one or two non-wedding jobs a year for close family or friends…mostly because they’re close enough to use tactical pester power! It gives us a taste of something different, without having to fully commit. Ideal!

However, if we can, we are always more than happy to pass on recommendations for other photographers who we know will do a fantastic job for our clients.

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