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Does my wedding photographer need to have a studio?

When you’re searching for a wedding photographer it can be difficult to know which criteria are important. Obviously you need to love their work, but when considering other things, what do you need to be thinking about? You may find yourselves asking “Does my wedding photographer need to have a studio?” This is often a myth propelled by older friends or relatives who may remember what things were important when they were planning their own weddings some time ago.

The concern surrounding whether a photographer has a studio or not is one thing that throws a bit of a spanner in the works for both couples and photographers. It is a common misconception that a good photographer will have their own studio space. This is wrong. In fact many photographers who do have studio’s, whilst being fantastic portrait photographers, are not necessarily the best wedding photographers. This is because studio photography and wedding photography are completely different disciplines. They require a completely different skill set and usually a different equipment set too.

Do good wedding photographers have studios?

This may have been the case 30+ years ago, but the landscape of photography, especially wedding photography was very different back then. Back then photographers very often would have been studio based due to the fact that equipment wasn’t as portable as it is today. The demand for in studio type portraits was also much higher. Perhaps because it was all that was available? These days many people prefer more natural looking photographs outside of a studio environment.

So, does my wedding photographer need to have a studio?

With the advancement in technology and an overall shift in the taste of customers, the number of photography studios has declined over the years. Nowadays, studios are often maintained by photographers who specialise in this kind of work. Similarly, wedding photographers also quite often specialise in their chosen field of wedding photography.

Wedding photographers usually work at a different wedding venue or location for every job. Therefore it does not make sense to base yourself in a studio. It is an unnecessary expense and un-utilised space for many. With that said, it’s not uncommon for photographers to have a meeting space outside of their home location. For many, having a separate work space allows them to maintain a better work/life balance. This can also provide a convenient place to meet with couples and clients. This of course is not essential and is a case of personal preference. Some photographers prefer to meet their couples on neutral ground such as in a coffee shop or other public space.

Most of the very best wedding photographers in the world, specialists and experts in their field do not have a traditional photography studio space. This really says it all.

So if you’re asking yourself “Does my wedding photographer need to have a studio?” the answer is most definitely, no.

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