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Gift ideas for your first married Christmas

Your first Christmas as a married couple is a special one. For some couples it’s an opportunity to celebrate a family holiday as a legally recognised partnership. The novelty of now sharing a surname is an exciting thing for those who’ve chosen to take their partners name (or create a new one together). For others it’s an opportunity to host. Whilst some choose to spend it together, just the two of you. Whatever your reason to celebrate, it’s nice to once again celebrate your relationship during the festive season.  But when it comes to gift ideas for your loved one, that can be tricky!

Christmas gift ideas

We often get an influx of enquiries around this time of year for album and print orders. Not just from newlyweds, but also from couples now celebrating their, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Christmas’ together. Unfortunately, at this point in the year it’s a little too late for album orders to arrive in time for Christmas- but there are other trinkets you can order to celebrate your love and this landmark in your relationship.

Photo prints

Photo prints have always made a wonderful gift, but now more so than ever. Why? Because we don’t print our photos any more! As a society we are pretty bad at printing our pictures. We snap away on our phones and digital cameras and aside from the few that make the cut and get posted to social media, the rest never see the light of day. But we don’t print. Not in the same way we used to anyway.

So print your favourite images. Frame them and hang them proudly, or stick them in a scrap book or album. You’ll never regret printing your photos, but you may regret not printing them. Remember, you can order prints via your online wedding gallery! 

Alternative gift ideas for your first married Christmas

Check out these super cute baubles from The Pug Cartel on Etsy. A classy, and pretty nod to your relationship to hang on your tree and lovingly admire.

gift ideas for your first married christmasfirst married christmas bauble

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