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Choosing your wedding videographer: Our recommendations

If you have booked us to photograph your wedding and you’re also thinking about booking a videographer that’s great! In that case we would definitely encourage you to consider booking someone that we have worked with before.

All of the videographers on our recommended list are talented, experienced and professional artists. Each has a real passion for storytelling. We would never recommend someone to you who we had not worked with before. Similarly we would never recommend anyone who we were not confident would do a superb job for you.

Any videographer that we recommend to you will share a similar approach to documenting your day as us. Their relaxed styles compliment our own. This will allow your film and photos to work beautifully together to create an everlasting reminder of your day. You will not find a marryoake or a white vignette in sight!

So why a recommended list?

We love working with videographers. We will always passionately advise our couples to have their wedding day filmed. More about that here. However, in the last year or so as wedding films have become increasingly popular, we’ve noticed an increase in the amount of “budget” options available. As with anything, inexperienced hobbyists will always have a place in the market. The problem here however is that it’s meant we’ve found ourselves working alongside some very inexperienced and/or obtrusive suppliers. At times it has been near impossible to do our job or to capture the most important moments.

Complimentary styles

If you are considering booking a videographer it’s essential that their style and approach matches that of your photographer. A bad videographer will not just deliver a bad film, they’ll also hinder your photography coverage. As suppliers, we are all sharing the same (often limited) space. We are all looking for the same shots throughout the day. If you book the wrong person, you may find that instead of working with your photographer as as a team to achieve the best results for you, they’ll be competing to get the best shots for them.

If you would like us to recommend a selection of professional wedding film makers for your wedding, please do not hesitate to get in touch. hello@samandlouise.co.uk

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