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Braxted park review. Wedding venue in Essex

If you’re looking for a Braxted Park review, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

We are a pair of Essex wedding photographers who’ve had the opportunity to shoot at this venue on numerous occasions. As such we thought it appropriate to share our experiences and write a Braxted park review. When we were looking for wedding venues ourselves, all we could find were reviews by other couples. As helpful as these were, as wedding photographers ourselves we know that theres a lot that goes on amongst staff and so on that will never be seen or experienced by the couples.

Braxted park review

Whilst working at a wedding venue as a supplier, you really do get to see “behind the scenes”. As well as this you also have the opportunity to work directly with staff on the day and gain a better understanding of how things operate and run. You get a true insight into what goes into making a wedding day perfect.

Braxted park review

Our experience of working at Braxted Park? It’s a beautiful, contemporary wedding venue that’s well run and well maintained. All you could ask for in a venue

Braxted park review

In stark contrast to many of the well known wedding venues in Essex, Braxted park is very well maintained and very well kept. The grounds and venue itself have always been absolutely spotless when we’ve worked there, which is no small task when you consider how extensive the grounds are. The attention to detail is superb!

Braxted park reviewOne of the things we like most about working at Braxted Park is the fact that everything has always been on track timings wise. It’s very easy to underestimate how important this is, but on a wedding day it’s essential that things run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. There’s always a friendly coordinator in the background making sure all is running as it should be.

Braxted park review

This is something you do not always experience at wedding venues in Essex, especially as a photographer. At many venues we find there is no active coordination and no one on hand to ensure the day is being managed correctly. As a result this job often  falls to us, the wedding photographer when we should be photographing your day. On the opposite end of the spectrum, particularly at larger venues it isn;t unusual to be shadowed during the reception, so that we can be constantly reminded how much time is left before the meal. This can make things uncomfortable and make relaxed coverage almost impossible. Thankfully, this is not the approach Braxted Park has at all. Coordination is attentive and effective but also friendly and supportive. Really easy to work with!

Braxted park review

It is for these reasons and for many more that we have continued to eagerly accept bookings for this stunning wedding venue. There aren’t many venues that we would wish to work at again and again, but Braxted Park is definitely one of them.

Braxted park review

Other points:

  1. Food is great! Even the veggie options.
  2. The outdoor ceremony area is so lovely and very spacious. Even with lots of guests it feels intimate
  3. Gorgeous mix of classic and elegant with a contemporary twist thanks to the modern Marquee.
  4. Parking- never to be underestimated! There’s plenty and it’s right on site, but totally hidden. Perfect!
  5. Everything is on site and relatively close together. No walking for ages to get to the next spot.
  6. Well staffed bar! Nothing worse than a heaving bar and thirsty guests.
  7. Nice, well maintained loos.
  8. Private and exclusive use.
  9. Extensive grounds and parkland setting means loads of lovely photo locations.
  10. Dedicated prep areas for the guys and the girls.

Braxted park reviewBraxted park review

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