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Blake Hall wedding venue review. Barn wedding venue in Essex

If you’re looking for a Blake Hall review, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

We are a pair of Essex wedding photographers who’ve had the opportunity to shoot at this venue many times now. As such we thought it appropriate to share our experiences and write a Blake Hall review. When we were looking for wedding venues ourselves, all we could find were reviews by other couples. As helpful as these were, as wedding photographers ourselves we know that theres so much goes on behind the scenes that it would have been helpful to get a suppliers take on a venue too.

Whilst working at a wedding venue as a supplier, you really do get to see “behind the scenes”. As well as this you also have the opportunity to work directly with staff on the day and gain a better understanding of how things operate and run. You get a true insight into what goes into making a wedding day perfect.

Our experience working at Blake Hall has always been fantastic and overwhelmingly positive.

barn wedding venue essex Blake Hall review

Blake Hall itself is exceptionally well maintained. The gardens and grounds are always absolutely spotless when we work there. There is always someone on hand applying finishing touches and ensuring things are perfect. The attention to detail is superb and we’re always left with the impression that no ask is too much. It seems that staff take real pride in the presentation of the venue.

One of the things we like most about working at Blake Hall is the fact that everything is seamless. There’s never any overlap, never any over run and never any miscommunication amongst staff. Everyone seems well informed and up to date regarding the timings, plans and proceedings for the day. It’s very easy to underestimate just how important this is, but on a wedding day it’s essential that everyone knows what is going on and are working in unison to achieve the best results for the couple.

barn wedding venue essex Blake Hall review

What we also really love about Blake Hall is their flexibility. We once had a couple who had a unexpectedly lovely day (the forecast had predicted a storm and it turned out to be beautiful sunshine instead!) They were so happy to be outside, mingling with guests and enjoying themselves that they asked if it would be possible to delay their entrance time to the barn for their meal by 15 minutes. There was no hesitation from catering at all in telling them that this was absolutely fine.

This is something you do not often experience at wedding venues in Essex, especially as a photographer. If anything, at most venues we find ourselves being chased about times constantly, even when there’s no reason to (we don’t do lots of posy photos). Some venues even have their coordinator follow us around during couples photos reminding us how long is left- but not at Blake Hall. They are attentive, informative and incredibly easy to work with.

barn wedding venue essex Blake Hall review

Staff have always been friendly and fun, which makes the day brighter for everyone. Austin and Dave are a credit to the venue and always a pleasure to work with. A bonus? The food is superb!

barn wedding venue essex Blake Hall review

Something we’ve also noticed about Blake Hall is how they continue to invest in the venue and make improvements. It is clear how important it is to everyone that the couples who choose to marry there have a wonderful experience.

It is for these reasons and for many more that we have allowed ourselves to be recommended photographers at Blake Hall. There aren’t many venues that we would wish to work out again and again, but Blake Hall is definitely one of them.barn wedding venue essex Blake Hall review

Other points:

  1. The food is lovely, really good!
  2. It’s child friendly. A great safe space for little ones.
  3. There’s lots of room but everything is close together- so no walking for miles to get anywhere.
  4. Parking- never to be underestimated! There’s plenty and it’s right on site, but totally hidden. Perfect!
  5. Nice, well maintained loos. Nothing worse than grotty loos and you wont find any here.
  6. Cards accepted at the bar. May come as a surprise, but this isn’t available at all venues.
  7. Private and exclusive use.
  8. Beautiful come rain or shine- gardens are planted and pretty year round.
  9. Designated area for the bride and her girls to get ready away from the chaos. Invaluable!
  10. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to photo locations.

barn wedding venue essex Blake Hall review

If you have found this Blake Hall review to be useful and would like to know more about our wedding photography services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. hello@samandlouise.co.uk
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