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The best wedding suppliers, 2017. Suppliers we love

The best wedding photographs of 2017

It’s the week before Christmas, so I wanted to take a little time to share some positivity and appreciation for other wedding suppliers. As a small business having your work recognised by others can be a huge deal. Recommendations are everything. One bit of unexpected positive feedback can be the only thing that puts a smile on your face some weeks. When you’re rushed off your feet and wondering if it’s all really worth it, a little recognition goes a long way. Including some of our favourites from 2017 in our “Best wedding suppliers” post seemed like a small token of our appreciation!

We are currently based in Staffordshire ourselves. We have been fortunate enough to be asked to shoot all over the country though this year.

The best wedding suppliers, 2017

We have either really enjoyed working with these suppliers directly or have loved their product. It’s often the case that we wont necessarily cross paths with florists or cake makers for example as we tend to be working in different areas at the same time. What we do see however are the finished products. We get to see how cakes hold up in warm weather, how fresh flowers look throughout the day and how they last. In all cases we have worked in conjunction with all of the suppliers listed below on at least one wedding in 2017. In many cases we have also worked with them before and know them personally as a result.

It’s important to us that we praise and recommend others within the industry. We know our job would be a lot more difficult if it wasn’t for fabulous florists and marvellous make up artists for example.

So here they are, just a few of the wedding suppliers who we have especially loved working with in 2017.

All of the photographs in this post were taken by us, Sam and Louise photography. If you’d like to see more of our work please visit our website or our wedding gallery.

The best wedding photographs of 2017

Suppliers we’ve loved in 2017

Unique Visuals (Wedding films)

Jennie and Steve are always a joy to work with. They are laid back, professional and fun. And their films are gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with them.

The best wedding photographs of 2017

Botias (Hair and Make up)

It’s always lovely working with Boe. The morning is always so chilled and you just know that things are going to be running to schedule. Plus, she’s incredible at what she does!

brides lipstick is applied

Lily & May (Flowers)

After years of knowing the name, we finally shot a wedding this year that Claire was also working on. And the flowers did not disappoint! The flowers for Andie and Laurences wedding were something else and suited the venue perfectly!

The best wedding photographs of 2017

Amelies Kitchen (Cake)

Helen is just the loveliest and her cakes speak for themselves. This year when we saw Adam & Aliye’s wedding cake we were amazed yet again!

Oxley dairy, oxley dairy wedding

Blake Hall (Venue)

One of our favourite venues! There aren’t many venues that are looked after and planted year round- but Blake Hall is one of them. The staff are always amazing and it’s always such a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing is too much trouble. We love working there and this year we’re so pleased to now be one of their recommended wedding photographers.

barn wedding venue essex Blake Hall review

Ride out (Wedding films)

David is some kind of magician. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. It’s great working with him because you know it’s going to be seamless. He has the experience behind him to know what he wants and needs to get, so he’s in and out and has the shot before you’ve had a chance to blink!

couple holding hands next to a brick wall

Team Glam (Hair and Make up)

These ladies are top of their game. You can always be confident that they’re going to do an incredible job. They know where the best light is, the best positioning and they’re great fun to work with. So it’s always a nice and relaxed atmosphere on a wedding morning working with them.

bride and groom

Luke & Lottie (Flowers)
Their flowers are always so spot on and this year was no exception. The extra little details like the ribbon, the colour matching and the flowers themselves have just been perfect. You can tell by the sheer quality of their work that they are up at silly o’clock preparing these flowers freshly for each wedding- which makes all the difference! There is nothing worse when photographing flowers on a wedding day and seeing that they are wilting, dropping and browning before the ceremony has even begun. No chance of that at all with L&L!

the best wedding suppliers in Essex 2017

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