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The best wedding photographers in Staffordshire? Why you should book us

Deciding on a wedding photographer is no mean feat. There are hundreds of photographers, hundreds of packages and hundreds of reasons why you may choose one over another. So if you’re looking to keep things local, you may have wondered who are the best wedding photographers in Staffordshire? Now whilst we’d never claim to be “the best” (because it’s all a matter of taste) we certainly feel like we have something to offer and we’ll discuss some of these things below.

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One thing that’s key when you’re searching for a wedding photographer is experience. Cameras are clever little things these days and fancy ones more affordable than ever. The result of which being that pretty much anyone can take a few decent photographs in the right conditions. Weddings however, rarely provide ideal shooting conditions. There’s often harsh afternoon sun, or wet weather. There may be mixed lighting, dark churches or difficult family situations to contend with.

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There are so many variables at a wedding that experience is essential for navigating your way through the day efficiently, whilst still capturing a series of beautiful, timeless images that capture the day as authentically as possible. Experience not only allows you to very quickly assess a scene, it also means you understand the best spots and locations to shoot from, the best way to deal with certain situations etc. It means you know weddings in side and out and in turn, can be “one step ahead” making the day and photography side of things flow as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible.

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With years of experience comes tried and tested methods, faultless routine. You’ll know for example instinctively roughly when your batteries are going to need changing, or at which point in the day your cards could usually do with a switch. All seemingly minor things over all, but no one wants a battery losing power just as the bride enders, or a card filling up half way through group photos.

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Another thing that (hopefully) comes from years of experience is skill and expertise. We’ve worked at almost every type of venue you can imagine. From outdoor Italian lake weddings, to quaint almost pitch black churches that are hundreds of years old. We know how to shoot in any condition. We know our gear inside out and we know how to use our kit properly to get the job done. Being able to think on your feet and act quickly is so important as a wedding photographer. This kind of sixth sense is something you tend to develop over time.

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As one of the original and leading husband and wife wedding photography teams in the UK, where we both shoot full time, together, at every wedding, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have two photographers who are at the top of their game.

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One of the reasons that we fell into wedding photography is because we didn’t really like what was available out there in the world of wedding photography already. Back when we first started, everything looked the same. Everyones editing style seemed to be the same. The poses were the same- everything was repetitive. We felt that we couldn’t tell one persons work from the next. And whilst photography was widely accepted as being a creative pursuit, there seemed to be very little creative out there.

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We have always strived to do things differently. Not for the sake of it, but because that’s how we believe weddings should be approached. After all weddings are one of the most important days of your lives. It’s a day that’s about celebrating you and your relationship. Therefore we feel every couple deserves something unique to them. Not the same 5 tried and tested poses at the same tried and tested venue hotspots. Who wants their wedding photos to be a carbon copy of someone elses? No thanks!

bride and groom hug in front of trees at night time with reflection in pond bride and groom stand under umbrella during rain at wedding

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As a pair of intrinsically creative individuals we’re forever looking beyond what our eye can see. Understanding how a camera will see a scene and what we can do to tell a story within a frame is key to what we do. We always like to leave our couples with something to wow them alongside all the other weddingy stuff!

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Nationally recognised

We’re incredibly fortunate to have been recognised for our work both nationally and internationally. We frequently feature on some of the leading websites and wedding blogs in the country and indeed the world. Rock my wedding, Love my Dress, Huffington post, Buzzfeed, Rock N roll Bride- to name a few.

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We’ve also picked up several awards over the years. We have twice been named as the “Best Photographer” in the East of England at The Wedding Industry awards. We’ve also landed a Fearless award and 8 Editors Choice awards on MyWed. Both Fearless and MyWed are two of the leading, most respected photography communities in the world.

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A solid reputation

Customer service is something we’re hot on. We are absolute sticklers for good service. It is SO important to us that you have a wonderful experience working with us so “above and beyond” is all in a days work for us. We genuinely care about our clients, their wedding days and making sure they are left with a lifetime of memories. The day that this ever becomes “just a job” to us is the day we pack it all in and do something else. Wedding photography is something we have invested so much of ourselves in and we’d like to think it shines through in all that we do. As far as we are concerned it is SO easy (and FREE) to deliver good service, so there really are no excuses.

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Perhaps because of our approach, we are lucky to have fantastic clients who leave us the most heartfelt and sweet reviews. You can find 60+ genuine client reviews on google and around the same number over on our Facebook page too.

Wedding photography is our specialism

It just so happens that wedding photography is where our passion lies. Some photographers love working with families, others like to photograph newborns. For us, the buzz of a wedding day will always be where our hearts lie. As a result of this we decided very early on in our career to specialise in wedding photography. Weddings and engagement sessions are now the only two photography services that we actively offer and promote. We are not a jack of all trades and would rather give something our all than to spread ourselves thinly doing something we only half enjoy. We feel that our clients deserve the best of us, all the time. Weddings are something we have specialised in since 2011, giving us 8 solid years of experience in this field.

bride and groom walk through tunnel of multicoloured confetti at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk

Being a specialist in this area of photography also means that we can offer a degree of flexibility and knowledge to our couples. We only take on a limited number of wedding photography bookings each year for example. This gives us the opportunity to keep our schedules open as much as possible. Giving us time to dedicate to our work and our couples. We are there every step of the way. Sometimes to answer questions, sometimes to chat weddings or offer advice and recommendations when needed. Plans can change so much in a year or two, so being flexible and adaptable to our couples needs is a no brainer for us.

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Who knows you may find yourself thinking we’re the best wedding photographers in Staffordshire!

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