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Why you should always tag or credit suppliers

bruisyard hall wedding

A month ago House of Snow bridal shared some of our photographs on their social media channels. They were lovely enough to tag us in the images and credit the photographs.

One of their brides happened to see those photographs of our work and she noticed that we’d shot at her venue before. From the few photographs that she had seen, she liked our work enough to go on and check out our website. This week, having chatted about their plans in more detail, that couple booked their wedding photography with us.

Now, we don’t live in their area and we’re not local to the venue. We’re not on the venues recommended list and we don’t know anyone from the bridal shop. Nor anyone from the wedding. As a result it’s very unlikely that couple would ever have found us or our work had it not been for House of Snow crediting us as the photographer who took those photographs.

This is why it is so important to tag or credit suppliers in photographs!!

ESPECIALLY photographers if they are providing use of their images for free.

bruisyard hall wedding

Brides and grooms to be genuinely DO find their suppliers in this way. Albeit a happy accident i’m sure as opposed to a clever research strategy. None the less, image credits can lead to bookings. We see our work reposted so often with no mention or credit at all and I dread to think how much work we have potentially missed out on as a result.

The wedding industry whilst vast and saturated, is a small one and it always pays to support one another. A few extra seconds spent adding a credit to an image may help someone find their dream wedding supplier. For that supplier an extra booking may cover the mortgage payment that month or buy their child a new pair of shoes.

We need to humanise the wedding industry again. Lets vow to remind ourselves that behind ever photograph or advertising opportunity for your business there is a real person, likely with a family to feed, a car to run and christmas presents to buy. Shining a little light on those around you makes us all glow that bit brighter.

Before a wedding has taken place we ask our couples to provide us with their their supplier information so that we can credit images accordingly if someones work is featured on our blog for example. If you are not sure who took a particular photo, or who provided the flowers in an image, all it takes is a quick ask. A bit of support goes a long way.

bruisyard hall wedding

Be excellent to each other