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Alternatives to confetti for your wedding

Everyone loves a confetti photo. They’re fun, vibrant and often full of life. But with couples (quite rightly) being more environmentally conscious than ever, they’re naturally seeking alternatives to traditional wedding confetti. Traditional wedding confetti is no longer allowed at most wedding venues. Especially those in countryside locations and those with resident wildlife. As such, this has led many couples to seek out alternatives to confetti for their wedding.

Alternatives to confetti

There are lots of alternatives to traditional wedding confetti, so there will be options out there to suit all tastes and budgets. It must also be said however that there is absolutely no need to have any kind of confetti at all. Confetti photographs are by no means a must and plenty of couples opt to forego this traditional element of the day altogether.

If it’s something that’s not important to you, put the idea on the back burner or disregard it altogether.

If an alternative to confetti is what you’re looking for though, read on!

Some alternatives to confetti

Bubbles. Bubbles are a relatively cheap, pretty and fairly environmentally friendly alternative to confetti. They leave no lasting impact on the immediate environment. Although something to be aware of is how they bubbles are presented. Are they in plastic bottles or containers? If you’re single use plastic conscious, you may prefer to invest in something like a bubble machine rather than individual bubble pots and wands. Also be mindful of staining- especially if you have a silk or satin dress.

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If you’re quite crafty or fancy embarking on some DIY, wedding wands are a cute idea. Wands can be as simple or intricate as you’d like them to be. Often they’ll be a length of wood with some coloured ribbon or bells attached at the end. Guests can then form an aisle for you to walk through and wave the wands as you walk through. These can be super colourful and very effective! There are loads of examples on pinterest, along with tutorials.


Ever the popular choice are sparklers. They work in much the same way as wands do, with guests typically forming an aisle for you to walk though. Sparklers work best when it’s dark, or beginning to get dark so there are some additional things to consider. For example, if you’d like the sparkler shot captured by your photographer or videographer, will they still be present after dark? In summer, it may not get dark dark until around 10pm- by which time many professionals may have finished for the evening. Also consider safety of all involved, including yourselves and your outfits. By the time it’s dark guests may have had a fair bit to drink. Intoxicated people and sparklers are rarely a good mix and you may find yourself or one of your service providers being burned! Trust us, it’s happened to us- a lot.

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Leaves or petals

Petals and leaves can be bought pre-dried or you can use fresh. You can even collect your own. The options are pretty endless here. Unless your wedding venue has their own requirements of course- always check before investing any ££. Some cute ideas floating around online include collecting fallen leaves yourself and using a shaped hole punch to create your own confetti shapes. Petals can usually be thrown whole, as they are. Do be aware of staining however. Some petals can cause staining if they get wet! Eco friendly points all round!

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Some seeds will work better than others, but a popular choice is lavender. They’re fragrant, can add a pop of colour and they can be obtained fairly easily. They’re also environmentally friendly. On the down side- they’re quite solid and can look a little bitty and harsh in photos. Similar to rice. This will be true of most seeds however, so don’t sweat it too much!

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Another option is bird feed.

Rice paper

Much like the leaves idea above, you can also use rice paper and a shaped hole punch to make your own alternative to confetti for your wedding! You can also buy it pre cut and pre packaged for convenience if you prefer. Again, if you’re conscious of plastics or single use plastics, do ensure you check out how it’s going to be packaged and sent to you.

And if you’re wondering how you’re going to present confetti alternatives to your quests without plastic, wicker baskets are always a winner! Filling a wicker basket or two and having guests take a handful as they exit your ceremony is a much better and much more environmentally friendly approach than presenting individual sachets, cones or packets to guests.

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