Alternatives to confetti on your wedding day

With more and more wedding venues banning the use of confetti on their premises, increasingly couples are looking for alternatives to confetti on their wedding day.  Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to confetti for couples who still want that traditional wedding exit photo.

Many alternatives to confetti have the added bonus of being reusable (and therefore re-sellable, woo!) This can help towards making your wedding more environmentally friendly, if that’s something that’s important to you.

So, what are some alternatives to confetti?


Bubbles are a cheap and effective way to still have a confetti style photo included as part of your wedding gallery.

Top tip: If you’re a fan of “full” looking confetti photos, it’s probably worth not relying on individual tubes of bubbles alone. It’s too dependent on everyone blowing well and at the right time, which is more difficult than it sounds. Instead (or as well as) get yourself a bubble machine or bubble guns. These throw out far more bubbles and far more consistently and you’ll have more bubbly pictures.

Ribbon wands

These are great because they’re an easy DIY job if you’re craftily inclined. They can be easily customised to match your colours or theme and they can be as full as you like. Just add more ribbons for a more colourful, full look. Some couples also choose to add bells, which can be really fun too and create a jovial atmosphere. The benefit of these is that they’re reusable. You can create one per guest and give them as favours, or keep them to resell. You may even want to stash them away as a keepsake or to gift to a friend in future when they get married. There’s also the option of donating to charity.

Guard of honour

If you or your partner have ties to the military, this is a traditional shot that many couples with military backgrounds opt for in lieu of, or in addition to a confetti photo.


Any couples with farming backgrounds may choose this quirky option instead of, or as well as a traditional confetti photo. You can use pitchforks, shovels or anything of your choosing! The option to use other garden tools means it’s also one of the great alternatives to confetti for anyone passionate about gardening. If that’s you, then you may also like…

Fresh flowers or petals

bride and groom walk through a tunnel of dried petals one of the great alternatives to confetti

Sometimes, venues who don’t allow confetti will allow fresh flowers or petals instead (dried or fresh- dried work best). You can source these from your florist, or provide your own if you’re trying to keep to a particular budget. One way to do this is to hit up your local supermarkets and look out for their reduced flowers in the couple of days before your wedding. You can even rope in family and friends to check out their supermarkets too if you need a lot.

For the more green fingered amongst you, you could even grow your own. Just be sure to check out the planting and growing season for the flowers that you have in mind before committing to this. There would be nothing worse than planning to do this and your flowers not emerging in time!

What other alternatives to confetti are there? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Leave a comment at the end of this blog for other couples planning their wedding to find and we’ll include suggestions in a follow up blog.

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