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An adventure to the coast! Norfolk wedding photographers?

So September is over and Autumn is officially here. That can only mean one thing- wedding season is beginning to wind down for another year. Just like that, the summer craziness and the double headers are all over. Although we still have lots of lovely weddings to look forward to over the coming months, this is the time of year where, inevitably, we’ve stuck under a huuuuge pile of editing. The summer wedding season backlog is real!

During these end of summer months, we can literally spend days on end working within the same 4 walls. Not leaving the house for anything other than to shoot maybe once a week. It’s one of perils of working from home! That and the 24/7 access to the fridge. Still, we get to work in our PJ’s most of the time so it’s all good!

Even so, it’s been an exceptionally busy couple of months for us. The general mayhem of July-September was enough to contend with, but in September a lorry drove into Louise’s car on the way home from a wedding too. Cue mounds of admin and insurance stuff to deal with.

This week we decided that in order to continue to work at our best, we needed to clear our heads a little. We’ve had no time off since March, so we felt we were due a break! We even cancelled a holiday we had booked in May because we were just too busy and felt unable to step away. Some time away from staring at a computer screen all day turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

So we set out on an adventure. A mini road trip along the Norfolk coast. Norfolk is one of those places that for some reason just feels like home. We’ve talked about upping sticks and escaping Essex, in favour of Norfolk for years. Now, after a wonderful trip we’ve finally decided to do it! In the next couple of years, hopefully, we’ll be fully fledged Norfolk wedding photographers! This will be especially handy as we seem to shoot more weddings in Norfolk than we do in Essex these days anyway.

Our adventures took us to some of the most beautiful beaches in Norfolk. We travelled through so many stunning places and discovered so many lovely areas. So it turned out to be part holiday part house hunting research!

We opted to leave our cameras at home, for fear of it becoming a bit of a bus mans holiday, but we couldn’t resist a few pictures….mostly of the dogs. Of course!

We wont bore you too much with the itinerary, or the countless photographs of our pups having the time of their lives, but here are just a couple below. They were snapped on Louise’s not-very-modern-definitely-not-an-iphone camera phone so don’t judge, ha.

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If you’d like to see some more from our trip, you are welcome to add us on Facebook. We love connecting with our couples and colleagues as it really helps give an insight into who we are behind the camera.

Thank you so much to all our wonderful couples who are so patiently waiting for their wedding photos. We appreciate how many of you have actively encouraged us to take a step back and enjoy some time off together. If you’ve not yet been in touch to view the editing queue and would like to have a peep to find out when your photos will be with you, pop us an email.

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